A downloadable first-person dooter for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You went down to the crossroads at midnight and made a deal to be the best jazz musician that ever lived.

Now that you're not alive anymore, you've got other problems!

Press 1 to wield the trumpet (machine gun), 2 to wield the trombone (shotgun), or 3 to wield the mighty tuba (rocket launcher) as you fight off the demon horde.

Submitted to the 7-Day FPS game jam, this was my first time making an FPS! Check out the dev progress thread from the week.  People seem to really like it so I think I will turn it into a full game!

Sound design by Justin Aftab (@tonetales). Special thanks to @superdupergc, @glassbottommeg, @DUSKdev and @Ed_dv for their advice.

I used ManicTime to track my hours for the jam. I spent 25.35 hours making the game over the 7 days, not including time spent googling how to make an FPS.

  • 15.3 hours using Unity
  • 8.78 hours using Visual Studio
  • 24 minutes using Audacity
  • 1.2 hours miscellaneous


Doot_Windows.zip 61 MB
Doot_Mac.zip 66 MB
Doot_Linux.zip 82 MB


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Interesting concept. It was initially unclear exactly how the music you generate with the weapon and the gameplay relate (do they?). Could be awesome to develop some more in-depth levels. Good amount of work for the jam period! Have you tried exploring the 'music as weapon' concept in a game before? There's an interesting book: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/sonic-warfare


Mr Skeltal approve